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Introducing the Undie Iron – The Undie Iron is the newest addition to fruit of the Loom’s line of innovative products. This tiny iron erases wrinkles and creases in a flash, so you and your underwear are never, ever in a bunch.

The Undie Iron is
currently unavailable*.

The Undie Iron may not be an invention (yet), but the reinvented boxer briefs and cotton panties most definitely are. And happy April 1st, by the way.

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*Estimated date to hit shelves — Spring 2022.

Positivity at your fingertip.

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How it works

  • If you have a finger that extends...
    If you have a finger that extends
  • Can you push an elevator button?
    And can push an elevator button.
  • Then you can use the Undie Iron.
    Then you can use the Undie Iron.


Does Undie Iron work on all underwear?

Yes, it does. The stainless steel design contours to the small surface area of all undies, unlike conventional irons. The Undie Iron pairs particularly well with our reinvented boxer briefs and cotton panties.

Is Undie Iron a sufficient replacement for my regular iron?

No. The Undie Iron is made for underwear only. The energy it would take to iron a shirt may cause finger fatigue. Use with caution.


Can I use the Undie Iron every day?

Yes. Why wouldn't you want to start every day with a freshly-pressed pair of positive underwear on your bottom?

Is the Undie Iron Mac & PC compatible?

Yes! All you need is a USB to charge your little positivity press.

Unleash even more positivity with
our line of reinvented products.
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  • Fruit of the Loom's Reinvented Cotton Panty




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